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ZoneManager WiFi as a Service (WaaS), powered by Ruckus Technology, is a complete managed WiFi solution, offering high resiliency, reliability and performance for enterprises.



ZoneManager is an enterprise-class cloud-based Network Management Service, delivering a set of wireless LAN features not found in any other cloud management system.

Capabilities like:

  • Flexible WLAN groups
  • Sophisticated user access controls
  • Elegant and simple guest networking functions
  • Rogue AP detection
  • Adaptive wireless meshing

GuestManager / GuestManager+

Built-in guest management system offers a flexible way to onboard your guests, allowing you to fully customise the user experience. Whether required at a single customer site or across multiple locations its simplicity provides a complete solution for every customer.

With the more advanced GuestManager+, customers that require advanced features for their guest solution such as social login, targeting advertising and a customisable user journey would use this solution. Boasting a wizard-driven setup for simplifying the provisioning, management and monetisation of public WiFi access.

LocationManager / LocationManager+

Built-in floor plans and google maps as standard, ZoneManager allows you to locate your access points and clients in a friendly dashboard.

For customers that require advanced location features. Ruckus Wireless SPoT is the industry's first cloud-based location technology suite that accurately pinpoints in real time users locations in any indoor environment, providing deep data mining on location analytics via a user friendly dashboard.

AnalyticsManager / AnalyticsManager+

Built-in basic analytic and reporting engine offers information on your access points and clients for up to 30 days as standard. Application visibility provides a detailed view of your clients WiFi usage.

For customers that require advanced analytical information on their WiFi network. Ruckus Wireless 'Smart Cell Insight' (AnalyticsManager+) transforms traditional network reporting into a vital business tool, collecting, analysing, presenting, and storing unprecedented amounts of user, traffic, session, and location information. Data from the largest networks can be stored and retrieved for 10 years!


Ease of Management

Centralise WiFi management via a single dashboard, anywhere in the world, at any time enabling network administrators to easily monitor multiple sites. This approach reduces the complexity of managing distributed deployments.

Scalability on Demand

Build WiFi networks that can scale across multiple sites, cities, or even countries with ease, allowing an administrator to manage their entire WiFi network from a single location.


A fully featured, multi-tenanted WiFi management solution for enterprises and service providers who desire carrier class performance. The technology enables a scalable and resilient alternative to traditional on-site wireless controllers.


Our highly available and resilient platform, operates across multiple data centres to remove any single point of failure, providing a network that continues to serve clients even if communication with the cloud is lost.


Ruckus Wireless technology is so revolutionary, they've been awarded 55 patents with another 80 pending, along with being recognised with many industry awards.

Future Proof

Increasing the value of investment through delivery of new features, support for new devices and technology, new application profiles and tools to improve management.


All inclusive enterprise support is bundled into the subscriptions, enabling deployments of first time networks or troubleshooting issues via our dedicated support desk.