Ruckus Wireless SmartCast combines innovative multicast traffic handling techniques, smart QoS, for top-quality Wi-Fi video transmissions.
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Ruckus SmartCast

Ensuring the Best Video Quality— And Enabling Wireless IPTV.

Our patent-pending SmartCast technology combines innovative multicast traffic handling techniques, smart QoS, and application-aware traffic classification capabilities, for top-quality Wi-Fi video transmissions. SmartCast differentiates and manages multicast video frames separately from all other traffic types, for robust wireless transport for IPTV streams.

When SmartCast detects a wireless client subscribing to a multicast streaming application, such as IPTV or a VOIP call, it directs the associated multicast packets to each subscriber, using the optimum data rate and signal path. To ensure peak performance, all packets are queued/de-queued by specialized schedulers, optimized for the corresponding traffic type, the delay/jitter tolerance and bandwidth requirements of the traffic, and the changing characteristics of each station on the WLAN.

SmartCast features:

  • Multimedia-optimized traffic management algorithms, which guarantee performance for multiple broadcast quality voice or video streams, while maintaining adequate bandwidth for data applications
  • Automatic classification of all traffic, based on UDP/TCP port and other application attributes, and managed according to the traffic's classified priority and characteristics
  • Automatic Type-of-Service (TOS) tagging, which eliminates complex QoS configurations, with automatic management of lower-speed 802.11 devices, to assure bandwidth availability for prioritized video applications
  • Four priority queues per station, for high prioritization granularity and precision for multiple concurrent multicast streams


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